Gold Coast’s arts scene has undergone immense growth over the past few years and with that growth comes an influx of creative entrepreneurs ready to cater to a growing appetite for live arts experiences. If you’re on the hunt for a cultural experience a little out of the ordinary, try one of these on for size.


JETSTAR - Discover the Gold Coast's arty side

A life drawing class is just one of the ways in which to unleash your inner artist while immersing yourself in the creative energy of the GC.


6 Art Classes Where You Can Sip While You Create

Besties, booze and brilliant art—paint and sip nights bring together all of our favourite things. There’s something so relaxing about chatting, getting tipsy and looking busy, kind of like fishing. The only difference is, you’ll actually come home with something.

Make your own rules, unleash your inner creative and if you don’t think you’re up for the challenge, think again because you don't need any experience.  

These are best paint and sip nights on the Gold Coast.


Unleash your inner creativity with life drawing at HOTA

Home of the Arts new monthly Life Drawing workshops give creatives the chance to practice their art.

Avid artists are encouraged to come along to the LIFE DRAWING workshops at HOTA every month and be inspired with talented local artist Rebecca Cunningham.



Rebecca estimates that around 70 artists have been through the door since the session started. Sometimes there are small groups, sometimes there are big groups. And for her last two sessions she’s once again combined her passion for music with her artistic practice and included live performance in the three-hour session.

“I always felt that music feeds art and art feeds music – it’s the perfect combination. It’s not something that people often experience – creating art to live music. I’ve done it a lot with the live painting. It just makes it a really special experience for people. They get to sit there and draw with music and rhythm feeding their creativity.”