JB Paterson is a roving blue-collar songwriter and producer out of Cedar Creek, Queensland. Working from a small off-grid cabin in the country, this is where he records all of his music at the present time. He’s also known for performing his pieces on both guitar and piano with a great charismatic stage presence in which he compliments with absolute sincerity.

Photo by Maria Tala Masafierro

His debut albumIn a Short Time, This Will Be a Long Time Ago’ was released 17th October 2016 to much local praise in the UK folk scene. Since then Paterson has supported the likes of Mark Lanegan, Cameron Avery, The Audreys and more. He recorded the mini-album at AIR Studios, London in under 3 hours. It features songs ‘The Lonesome Blues’ and ‘If I Lose Today’.

He is currently recording his second album ‘Young Man for a While’ in his home studio. Taking note from the recording techniques of the early ’70s whilst blending his deep appreciation of traditional folk, blues and country music.

Music like this – that embodies Karl S. Williams – is evoked at the mention of a certain place and time. It was bornthere, crushed from human experience, distilled with universal soul; shone with the essential human spirit to where it is at once unadorned and yet staggeringly beautiful. Like hope. That Williams couldn’t play a tune – and didn’t come from a family that knew how to make one – was irrelevant. It was too late. It was unavoidable. It was life and death. He recognised healing, and sought to know it backwards. He could do no other thing. Karl’s voice is made from that music; he is a conduit that freely bellows, whispers, soars and intones, across so many octaves, stories of yours and experiences you survived. He has no other choice.

Soul Diva, Songwriter, Trouble Maker

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